Supplements for Fat Loss

There are so many supplements available which all claim to be the next big thing for fat loss, but which ones are worth using and which ones are safe to use? When my clients ask me which fat loss supplements are worth taking, my answer is always short and it's always the same. There are only a handful of supplements which have any kind of respectable research or evidence to back them up, and all the others are at best based on a vague theory and at worst have no basis at all. Keep reading to find out which Fat Loss Supplements are worth using. But don't forget, supplements should be the final piece of your fat loss plan, so if you're not sure if your diet and training are up to scratch, make sure you read my Training for Fat Loss & Eating for Fat Loss articles as well.



Every piece of research suggests that a high protein diet can help reduce body fat and increase muscle mass and definition. Protein rich foods include meat, poultry, game, eggs, fish etc, but it can sometimes be hard to eat enough protein, particularly at meals such as breakfast or after training. Protein supplements are a convenient way to increase your daily protein intake, particularly at meals such as breakfast (mix it into the milk on your cereal) or after training. I have been using Diet Whey Protein since the New Year; it includes whey protein and some other ingredients (such as Green Tea Extract) which can improve general health and may help shift the body fat even more quickly. I definitely found that the Christmas turkey and pudding disappeared more quickly than usual. Click to find out more.



Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a naturally occurring fatty acid found in cheese, milk, lamb and beef, but in quantities that are too small to be effective. But research has shown it increases the body’s tendency to use fat as a fuel, which makes it incredibly effective for promoting fat loss. It also promotes increases in muscle mass, helping you achieve that toned and defined look for the ideal summer body. This is the only supplement I ever need to quickly lose body fat and build muscle. It is also extremely safe and has no side effects (that I know of!). Click to find out more.



If you want to take your fat loss to the max, then you need a caffeine based supplement, such as Thermopure. Research shows that caffeine increases the body’s energy expenditure even at rest, and combats fatigue meaning that you can train and exercise at a higher intensity for longer. It achieves all this by stimulating the bodies central nervous system, so some people do feel ‘wired’ when using this type of supplement, caffeine is a stimulant after all. But when used for a short time, such as the build up to a holiday or important occasion when you want you look your best, it is a very effective way of shifting body fat. Click to find out more.

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