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05-01-2021 I'm happy to be able to say that, despite the new national lockdown restrictions in place, I have now received confirmation from my professional body, The Society of Sports Therapists, that alongside the ever popular video appointments, I can also continue with certain limited in-person appointments, details of which come directly from the SST email.......

"Members can continue to practise where they are providing essential therapy services for the relief of pain and acute symptoms that may be detrimental to quality of life, or in order to prevent disability.

This does not include non-essential treatments, or those that are provided for maintenance, or detailed as ‘close contact services’, such as remedial or sports massage. However, where soft tissue therapy is indicated within the aforementioned essential criteria, it can be applied, on the provision that full PPE requirements and CoVID-19 safety measures are adhered to.

Wherever possible, initial and follow up consultations should be undertaken virtually and face to face interventions only carried out where necessary and for as minimum a time period as possible".

I am also required to triage the need for any in-person appointment via phone or video call, prior to booking the in-person appointment. To minimise in-person contact time, much of the initial consultation or follow-up discussion will be completed in this phone or video call. The total time of both the phone/video call and the in-person session combined will be around the usual 60 minutes, allowing us to stay as safe as possible, and also maintain the usual price point. 

Video calls as a stand alone intervention proved very poplular and successful during the first lock down, as a method of managing many injuries and more minor issues that may not require any in-person or hands-on interventions. If you have a new sports injury, or are a new patient, and would like to discuss how we can assess and treat your problem, please still get in touch.

Obviously, if you develop any Covid-19 symptoms, or become aware that you have been exposed to the virus, for example by the NHS Track & Trace system, we will need to cancel or postpone your appointment.

I have completed numerous training courses over the last few months to help ensure your safety, most of which are provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO), and evidence of the completed training courses can be found at the bottom of this page. I have also assessed the risks that may be encountered in the practise of sports therapy in my clinic, and have made plans to reduce these risks as far as possible. You can see the full Risk Assessment here, and you can read the full Infection Control Policy here.

Hopefully see you soon!

Click these links to open evidence for Covid-19 specific training:

WHO Covid19 Infection Prevention & Control

WHO Covid19 Using PPE

WHO Hand Hygiene

WHO Cleaning & Disinfection

Infection Prevention & Control - Lubas Medical

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