Golf Pro Package

  • Advanced Golf specific movement assessment & injury screen
  • At home exercise program
  • Weekly supervised training sessions in the gym (& optional personal program)
  • Options to take these as sports massage or injury therapy/rehab
  • Free access to videos, articles and classes
  • Discounts on additional sessions
  • Over £200 monthly value

This package is designed for those who do take their golf seriously, such as a club team player, and want to see serious improvements in all aspects of their game, including injury recovery and prevention.

Included each month is a full Golf specific movement assessment and injury screen, which will identify all of your restrictions and limitations, large and small. From here, I will create a custom designed, bespoke program of exercise, training and therapy, part of which will be performed at home, part of which will require time in the gym. But don’t worry, included in this package is a weekly training session with myself in my private studio, where I will personally supervise your training program. These sessions can also be taken as sports massage or injury therapy/rehab at any time. If you are already a member of a gym, I will also include a number of golf specific training sessions that you can do yourself in your own gym, at no extra cost. You will also have free access to my weekly golf specific exercise & conditioning classes which take place at my clinic, and to all of my golf specific articles and videos which will have lots of useful info and tips which can help you improve your game and prevent injuries even further. You will also be entitled to discounts on additional training or rehabilitation sessions, or sports massage or injury therapy treatments.

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