Golf Fitness & Rehab in Gloucester

Everyone has their own unique way of swinging a golf club, but every good swing should be based on a few fundamental principles, and these fundamentals are dependant on a body that is healthy, efficient, and fully functional. Restrictions and dysfunctions in the body can seriously affect your swing, and leave you vulnerable to injuries. A structured, bespoke golf fitness training program can correct these restrictions and dysfunctions, improving your swing and reducing the chance of injury.

Everything begins with an assessment, because if we're not assesssing, we're guessing. Following the most in depth Golf specific assessment you will ever have, I will develop a custom made training program to develop your core stability, balance, strength and power.  Research has shown that a structured training program can increase club head speed & driving distance within 8-12 weeks.

Some clients have added 20-30 yards to their drive in just 2 weeks.

With my skills as a Graduate Sports Therapist & Golf Fitness Specialist, I will assess and improve:

  • key movement patterns for golf, identifying and removing restrictions which may limit the efficiency of the golf swing (eg. poor spinal mobility limiting torso/pelvis rotation),
  • strength & power (both related to club head speed),
  • balance (essential to provide a stable base for an efficient swing),
  • core stability (vital for injury prevention),
  • injury risk, to prevent injuries before they occur,
  • aerobic fitness, which can limit fatigue and maximise recovery.

Do you struggle to implement the tips from your golf coach?

Restrictions and dysfunctions within the body could be holding you back.

As a Golf Specialist, I can do much more than just help you recover from injuries and prevent injuries; I can help you improve your game by increasing your club head speed, carry distance and swing consistency, and reducing time away from the course because you will have fewer injuries!

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