What's the deal?

The standard deal is:

 Single sessions of 60 minutes are £45, suitable for intial injury assessment, extended follow-up/treatment, Sports Massage to multiple areas. (Deduct £5 for online video prices).

Single sessions of 30 minutes are £25, suitable for short follow up/treatment, Sports Massage to single area. (Deduct £5 for online video prices).

Sport Specific Assessment:                                  ideal for Golf or Running, including bespoke training program and familiarisation session:

Initial assessment, program & demo = £99;

Subsequent programs & demo= £69.

 Long term packages consisting of 60 minute sessions, suitable for Injury Rehabilitation, Injury Prevention, regular Sports Massage (or other treatment), Pilates, Personal Training (strength, fitness, mobility, health, sports, core etc):

  • 3-9 sessions = £42.75 per session (save 5%)
  • 10+ sessions = £40.50 (save 10%)
  • 20+ sessions = £38.25 (save 15%) 
  • 30+ sessions = £36 (save 20%)

NB. offers and discounts cannot be used in conjunction/combination, only one offer or discount per transaction.

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