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    Corrective Exercise for Pain, Posture, Movement and Mobility.

Reviews and Testimonials

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"Excellent, thourough, professional, whole body appoach to diagnosing the issue, I now recommend Chris to everyone who comes into the shop. Explained clearly the purpose of the exercise/intervention. Now looking for British masters title number 7!!".      Steve Millward, owner Gloucester Sports & British Masters steeplechase champion .

"...knowledgeable and professional, and actually care about your clients...always try to find the solution to a problem and defintely put in more effort than some physiotherapists I've been to...and take the time to explain whats causing it and how to fix it, with useful take home exercises. [clients] I have referred to you have also said that what you have done with them has helped".      Alex Avery, personal trainer, AlexAveryPT.

"A friend told me about Chris and how he sorted his problems out and how well he explained everything. Chris is proferssional (and very knowledgeable), friendly, approachable, and listens carefully to your problem...to fully undertsand your needs, I felt comfortable and at ease. Chris conducted a thorough examination and explained my issues in a clear yet comprehensive way, leaving me reassured. I achieved my end goal and now feel a lot better and can really perform in the gym. I am very happy with my experience with Chris and recommend him to my clients. Excellent care, excellent service, excellent result!". Dale Ward, personal trainer, Dale's NutriFitness.

"Since working with Chris I have played my first two events of the season and won them both, I don't believe it is any coincidence that my ball striking and my driving consistency have improved dramtically. My overall fitness off the golf course has improved massively as well and I have noticed how much better I feel in myself. I would recommend Chris to absolutely everyone, and especially athletes who are looking to get an extra step ahead of everyone else". Jamie Dick, golf playing professional, AT Golf Coaching.

"Chris has a very thourough approach, establishing what actually caused the injruy, and developing structured rehab programmes. Chris has a wealth of knowledge that allows him to get to the root of a problem quickly...and all the skills to help you avoid injuries in the first place, whatever your sport or activity. Chris is very friendly & incredibly easy to get on with, and gives you that light at the end of the tunnel as each week you progress, making the whole situation more bearable. Chris always explains clearly the underlying problem, and the purpose & technique of each exercise, as well as how it will ensure you get back to running. He is always very good at managing expectations, giving a clear estimate of how long the recovery might take, and has been remarkably accurate. Working with Chris has always been great, end goals were met and I'm back running but in a far more educated way. I would definetly recommend Chris for injury rehab but also for programs to avoid injury in the first place". Mike Bryce, personal trainer, Bryceps Fitness.

"I was recommended to Chris  several years ago when I experienced severe shin pain when training for an ultra marathon. My friend had used Chris for several years and spoke highly of his knowledge and experience. Within seconds of meeting Chris I was impressed by his professionalism and expertise. Chris performed a through review of my medical history and background and performed a detailed examination, quickly pin pointing my issues relating to my Shin Splints. Chris was quick to setup a rehabilitation program consisting of exercises and physio therapy. With the support gained from Chris I was able to complete my ultra marathon pain and injury free. Over the years that I have worked with Chris he has always been a huge support to me through the various running and Ironman events I have trained for; with sports massages, and rehabilitation for various injuries. Overall I find Chris’ knowledge and expertise to be the best I have encountered and I always trust his treatment and support through my extensive training, I highly recommend Chris to anyone training for any type of running, cycling or sporting event, and for gaining support with frequent muscle rehabilitation, sports massage and for strength and conditioning". Matt Proome, ultra runner and IronMan.

"I was first referred to Chris by wife who happens to be an England athletics coach; about 5 or 6 years ago with an old ham string injury. Chris was very professional, and I made improvements very quickly. I have continued to use Chris with various injuries I pick up through sport and work. Every time Chris manages to fix me. Both my teenage daughters are competitive sports people, one is a runner and the other is an alpine skier. They inevitably pick up injuries and their first port of call is always Chris". Aaron Newell, runner and business owner.

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