Sports Massage

Sports Massage is just one part of the Sports Therapy process, but it is the part that is perhaps the most beneficial to the most people, whether you take part in sport or not. 

Following a thorough assessment, your sports massage treatment will be tailor-made to meet your individual needs, incorporating the most effective techniques for your condition.

You will also be advised on how best to manage your condition and your symptoms.

For the athlete, Sports Massage is intended to help you prepare for and recover from competition or training by: 

  • improving circulation
  • increasing removal of waste products like lactic acid / lactate
  • increasing delivery of oxygen & nutrients to the muscles to increase performance & speed recovery
  • increasing mobility / flexibility of the soft tissues (eg. muscles, fascia) before activity
  • maintaining mobility / flexibility following activity
  • reduce inflammation following strenuous exercise
  • improve the immune system by increasing the white blood cell count

For the non-athlete, all these benefits can help reduce the aches, pains, repetitive strain injuryies, and all the postural problems associated with a modern lifestyle. It doesn’t matter whether you sit at a desk all day, play with the children at home, work in the garden or at the building site, sports massage can help improve:

  • back & neck pain
  • joint & miuscle pain
  • migraines & headaches
  • general well-being
  • positive mental state