Clinic closed - online video appointments available

18-05-20 - Even with the recent relaxation of lockdown restrictions, and although certain hands-on health professions are beginning to offer emergency appointments under strict infection controls, I don't believe the risk, either to individuals or wider society, justifies the opening of my sports injury clinic for face-face appointments. Even with full hand washing and use of masks & gloves, there would still be a risk of infection, to both myself and susbsequent patients. As the majority of my work involves assessment of injuries and presription & demonstration of exercises, most of which can be done equally effectively remotely via online video link, with absolutely zero risk of infection. So, for the time being, my sports injury clinic will continue to be closed for face-face appointments, but i will continue to offer online video appointments, see below for details and please get in touch to book.

24-04-20 - I am happy to now be able to offer fully insured, online video sports injury assessments and sports injury rehabilitation sessions, alongside personal training consultations, and Pilates, corrective exercise, and movement training sessions. These sessions are all offerred at a discounted rate compared to the usual face-face rate, check the current price structure here.

All online video appointments are bookable in advance, please contact me via telephone or email to book your appointment. The system is web based, and only requires you to open a unique, single use link which I will email to you in advance of the session. No usernames, no passwords, no meeting ID. Easy,

Don't let an injury stop you taking every oppurtunity to get outside, exercise, train, and do the sports you love.


Customised Foot Orthotic Insoles

I am excited to announce that I am now able to create customised foot orthotic insoles in my clinic to help with your foot and ankle pain, or any sports injury where the foot or ankle may be involved.

After recently spending time with and learning from one of the most forward thinking Podiatrists in the country, and taking the time to source the best materials, I can now create customised foot orthotic insoles tailored to your meet the needs of your feet and help resolve all your painful problems and sports injuries.

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What the Func is Functional Training?

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably at least a little a bit interested in training, so you’ve probably at least heard of functional training. It’s everywhere. Every gym has a functional zone. Apparently every personal trainer is a functional training expert. You can buy books and DVDs about it. But do you know just what functional training really is? Does your personal trainer even know? Many personal trainers simply choose an exercise that looks cool (probably from the latest little workshop they've been on), gets lots of muscles and joints working, and uses the latest bit of kit they’ve bought. I know, I’ve been there and done it in the past. But is it really functional?

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Sports Therapy & Spine Mobility for Golf

I am often invited to talk to golfers about just exactly what Sports Therapy is, and how it can help golfers play better golf. First of all, it can not only help you overcome any current injuries or issues that may be interferring with your golf, but also help prevent future injuries. Secondly, it can help address any restrictions or limitations in your body that may be hindering your golf, such as Spinal Mobility. Below are some of the key points I talk about, and a video of some of my favourite spinal mobility exercises.

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