Injury / Movement Screen

The rationale behind movement and injury screening is to identify injuries which were previously unidentified, and risk factors for those injuries, and then to begin a bespoke injury prevention programme. At its most basic level, a movement or injury screen simply tells us that something is wrong, but may not immediately identify the actual problem. If a screen signals that something is not quite right, we then do a full assessment to identify the actual problem and its root cause. A screen saves times as we don’t have to fully assess everything all the time.


Screening can identify an unrecognised injury in individuals without signs or symptoms, or identify specific problems, weakness, restrictions, or just generally poor movement, that research has shown can increase the risk of injury or even limit performance.


 You may think that you are strong, have good stability and mobility, and move quite well. However, the body is amazingly good at compensating and working around problems in order to achieve a task or perform an activity, and this compensatory movement pattern will put extra load and stress on other body parts which won’t be too happy about it, eventually leading to an injury of some sort. The compensatory movement pattern is also probably less effective and efficient, so by removing the problems, weakness, restrictions, or just generally poor movement, you will be able to perform in your sport faster and stronger for longer.

A movement screen uses simple movements which form the basis of every other movement the body can perform; if you can’t do the simple ones, how are you managing to do the complicated ones? Probably with a compensation, which overloads other body parts, and is less effecitve and efficient.

An injury screen employs several specific tests which research has shown can identify an underlying injury even though you may not really be aware of it. This means we can treat and rehabilitate it much earlier, prevent it becoming a major problem, and keep you playing without the need for time off.

I can offer sports specific movement and injury screens for Golf and Running, and can also create bespoke screens for all sorts of other sports, as well as a general movement and injury screen if you just like to go the gym or stay active.

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