Changes to fees for Sports Injury Therapy & Rehab, Sports Massage & Personal Training

***Newsflash!!!***   You may (or may not) have seen a few posts on social media over the last few weeks about some changes in the pricing structure. After several years of static fees, a global pandemic, increased PPE usage & costs, and the need for gaps between appointments for cleaning and changing PPE reducing the availability of appointments, the time has come for an increase in fees.

I have tried to delay these changes for as long as possible, but with most people back to work and the economy almost back to normal, I feel this is a good time to implement them (it's a bit over due to be honest). 

I have tried to format the changes so that they reward commitment to longer term courses of treatment, training and rehabilitation, rather than single ad hoc sessions. (Trust the process!)

This has been achieved by introducing discounts at a lower price point, and offering larger percentage discounts at a given price point compared to the current tarrif.

So, the new, simplifed pricing structure is:

  • 1x 60 minute = £50
  • 2x 60 minute = £95 (5% discount)
  • 3x 60 minute = £140 (7% discount)
  • 5x 60 minute = £225 (10% discount)
  • 10x 60 minute = £425 (15% discount)
  • 20x 60 minute = £800 (20% discount)  
30 minute appointments will be priced at £30, with NO discount available for multiple session purchases.
These changes will come into effect after Friday 28th January, with all purchases after this date being charged on this new tariff. 
So if you're in Gloucesterhire and would benefit from Sports Injury Therapy & Rehab, Sports Massage, Personal Training, bespoke Pilates, or any of the other techniques available, now is the time to make the decision and the commitment!
Any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch, I look forward to hopefully seeing you or chatting with you soon.


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