Foot, Ankle & Gait

The function of the foot & ankle, together with how you walk or run, is fundamentally important to your every day life, not to mention the vast majority of sports, and sports injuries.

The foot is designed to work in a very specific way during walking and running, and previous injuries, poor mobility or strength, even bad habits, can affect the function of the foot and how it deals with load, force and stress.

If the foot isn't happy, it will complain about it, A LOT, or it will shift the load and stress further up the body into the lower leg or knee, even the hip or lower back. This is usually very obvious in the way someone walks or runs, if you look for it. Sound familiar?

Becuase of this, a foot, ankle and gait assessment is very often included in the assessment of any injury from the waist down, especially if a large amount of running or walking is involved (and always if it's a foot injury).

Even though the foot is extremely complex, the assessment of foot function and foot pain is fairly simple (the best things always are), and the same is true of walking or running gait. In most cases, foot function and foot pain can be improved with a few simple exercises, and a few simple changes to your walking gait or running technique.

Sometimes, foot orthotic insoles amy be needed. These are fully custom made by hand in clinic, and (at the moment) are included in the price of a 60 minute initial injury assessment or follow-up session.

Stand-alone foot, ankle & gait assessments, including orthotic fitting, are also available (providing there are no current injury issues).