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    Sports Injury Therapy

    Assessment - Diagnosis - Treatment - Rehabilitation - Prevention

    Your complete journey from the moment of injury to being pain free.

    Sports Massage - Soft Tissue Therapy - Pilates - Personal Training

    Corrective Exercise for Pain, Posture, Movement and Mobility.

Personal Training for Sport

If you are training for a specific sport or event, you need a sport specific training program. Running fitness is different to cycling fitness, and they are both very different to rugby fitness or tennis fitness. Each sport requires different types of strength, endurance, speed, and flexibility, and very different movement patterns. As a Graduate Sports Therapist with a Master's degree in Sports Therapy, I am a specialist in injury prevention, particularly soft tissue overuse injuries, such as tendinopathy/tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, repeated muscle tears/strains, chronic tightness, shoulder impingements, and so on.

My athletes benefit from some of the most advanced training programs and techniques out there. I use a range of training methods, including:

  • Olympic weight lifting and plyometrics for power training
  • maximal aerobic speed training and high intensity anaerobic intervals for cardio-vacular endurance and VO2max training
  • compound resistance training for increased muscle mass
  • and for true functional sports specific training, I use strongman training that doesnt just create a strong, bullet proof body, but a strong mind as well, so you can push through the pain to make sure you win! After all is said and done, thats what it's all about!

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